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Jul. 15th, 2008


Writer's Block: You, the Movie (for my dad)

If your life was made into a movie, what type of movie would you want it to be? Who would you choose to play yourself? Who would play the important people in your life?
Not for me, but rather, for my dad. I always thought about who he'd play in a movie, and now i can answer properly!!

George Clooney would probably play my dad, and i'd want it to be an action/comedy. My uncle Bill would be played by Clint Eastwood, and my other uncle Roger, acted byyyy *thinks* Steve Burton. Yeah, weird combination, but i'm thinking of this on the spot, not too sure really. I think maybe Jessica Alba could play me..I really don't know.

George Clooney would make the perfect David John Ticehurst! *Beams with pride* YEY!

Jul. 14th, 2008


Vossler's Theme

Voss's Theme!!



I'm so tired...last week and the weekend was one of the best weeks of my life...everything was just so awesome and I couldn't ask for greater friends! Its a great honour ^__^. Just wanna say thanks guys and girls!!! On that note, I got some more random pictures to put up from the last week...

The Devils Dyke - It was so cooold and windyyy and rainy..but still fun!

Me, Emilie and Amanda decided to hang around this old stone fort that was there, and this shot was taken from it ^__^ Its the restuarant and main road.

Some of the stone fort we were at.

Me at home in the living room.

Er...Youkai!! Yeah..thats what I meant ;)

Its Simby!!

Jul. 13th, 2008


Pizza and LRP (Live rp)

Ok so, it was after much much MUCH sugar yesterday night that me and Emilie decided to go get pizza.. ^_^ we went to Pizza Express, and bought a simple "Margarita" pizza. It was just cheese and tomato. When we got in, we put more cheese on it, and then stuck it under the grill. We watched Lion King 3 - Hakuna Matata - bad movie, yet amazingly awesome. The movie finished at like 12ish - Midnight, and then we decided to go to sleep. We started talking about random stuff, until I suggested that we should talk 'In character'. So, I was Zack, and Emilie was Cloud!, and this is what became of it  (I probably can't remember most of this, but i'll try!)---

Thats what becomes of eating bday caaaake, and eating pizzaaa...total utter Randomness. I couldn't really remember much, so i just pieced it together with what i could remember. It was fun being random and just talking about random rubbish.. the whole thing with Angeal and the snake came from my friend Mirukail, but it was with Vossler...he was the one originally scared of snakes..

..and after all that, I think I should be going to sleeeeep


Birthday Party Pictures!!

Hey everyonnne!!!

This week has just been so busy and fun...I dunno if i have the mind to post all that I did at the moment, so i'll work backwards. Yesterday was my family/friends Birthday party!! Nomi was here, and so was Emilie, and Amandaaa and my uncles, and here are the pictures!!!

Me in a golden Masquarade mask..was slightly crooked!

My uncle Bill wearing my sunglasses and Emilie's biiig bow headbandy thing ^__^

Its Nomi and Emiliiiiiie!!!!!

My uncle and Me. Bill didn't like the flash on the camera, so he hid. lol. I swear that bow is bigger than me..

All three of us! Nomi, Me, and Emiiii, with our coke and teaaaa ^__^

Bill looking at Prince Kazoya! (Hope i spelt his name right!!)

Again all three of us in Masks!!!

My uncle Roger, and my auntie Val :) and you can see my haair

Its Amanda!! She dun like having her picture taken :( *cries*

THE EPIC CAKE!!! It was full of chocolate and WAAAAAAy too much icing..SUGAR RUSHES!!!

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